Windows: Size and Prices vary depending upon availability

72″ Double Door: $250.00 (As Only Door) $400.00 (As Additional Door)

7′ Side Walls (House Style): $200.00 (Standard on 12′ Buildings and all Reverse House Styles)
7′ Side Walls (Barn Style): $250.00 (Standard on 12′ Buildings)

Loft (Barn and Reverse House Style): up to 12 x 16: $600.00 12 x 20: $700.00 12 x 24: $800.00 12 x 30: $1000.00

Porch (Reverse House Only): $800.00 *Does not include railing or any kind of step.

Colored Metal Roof: 4% of building price

Tie Down Kit w/ Anchors & Installation: $200.00*

*This is a one time use. Once installed, anchors are permanent, and can not be re-used if building is moved. There will be no refund once anchors are installed.